About us


We are a team of professionals who have come together to create a platform that is designed to strengthen local communities by providing a way for small business owners to build their business without having all the upfront cost that is usually associated with small business failure.


For our customers they can feel good knowing that they are helping to support their local community and at the same time receive professional peer-reviewed service at prices that are fair and competitive.


Helping our Customers and Service Providers is only a part of what we do here. We also have an affiliate program where anyone can make money helping to build up their local communities by connecting home owners with qualified service providers. As an affiliate you can earn promoting the site to Customers and Service Providers. Whenever your customer gets a service done, you get paid. Whenever someone uses the Service Provider you signed up, you get paid.


We also wanted a way for Real Estate Agents to be able to participate in our program but because of RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) they are unable to receive commission on settlement services (services that are preformed to satisfy an agreement for the purchase of a home). So we set up our affiliate program to prevent them from getting paid on these services. Now Real Estate Agents can refer their clients and rolodex’s of Service Professionals without fear of violating any laws and add a healthy passive income stream to their portfolio.


The Happy Home App is a simple system that anyone can use to connect homeowners with the right Service Professionals to help them take care of their most valued possession, their home.


As we grow we will be adding and looking for more ways to help promote our Service Providers. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide our Service Providers with full-time work and to provide our customers with the best possible services they can receive.