How It Works


The Happy Home App is a platform where homeowners can come and submit chores/projects/repairs that they need done to their home and have qualified service professionals in their area respond with a quote. 

When the customer submits a request the service providers in their area get an email with details about the request. They log in and submit a quote to the customer. After the customer receives all the quotes they choose a service provider based on price and/or previous customer reviews. 
The service provider then goes to the home and performs the service. When they are done they log in and complete the request and leave a review of the customer. The customer gets an email saying the service provider is done. 
The customer then leaves a review for the service provider, provides a tip to the service provider if they want and finalizes the request as complete.
How the commissions work:
When the customer selects the service provider they pay for the service. The Happy Home App holds the money until the customer finalizes the service and marks it complete. At this time we subtract 15% from the total amount paid and pay the service provider the rest.
Of the 15% that we keep we pay the affiliate who signed up the customer 5%.
The affiliate that who signed up the service provider gets 5%.
The Happy Home App keeps the last 5%.
One way that we get new customers is by signing up Real Estate Agents as affiliates. Real Estate Agents however are prohibited by law from receiving commissions on settlement services (services that are done to complete the terms of a sale of a home ie they wont buy the home unless these things are fixed). 
So to protect the Real Estate Agent we ask the customer, when they are submitting their service request to check a box on the form if the request is indeed a settlement service. If it is a settlement service we go to the affiliate program and look to see if the affiliates checked a box on the affiliate sign up form stating that they are a Real Estate Agent. If they did check the box the commission is given to The Happy Home App instead.
This may seem like we are taking away from the Real Estate Agent from making a commission but the truth is that only a few things are ever needed to be fixed to sell a house. There are many other repairs that still need to be done for which the Agent will receive a commission.
Real Estate Agents will also be encouraged to check their commission report just to make sure that no settlement services accidentally got through (the customer didn't check the box). 

This is How it Works in a nutshell.