How It Works


The Happy Home App is a platform where homeowners can come and submit chores/projects/repairs that they need done to their home and have qualified service professionals in their area respond with a quote. 



For Customers:


Sign Up and confirm your email.


Fill out the Service Request form on the home page.


Remember to add lots of images and a detailed description of what you want done. This limits the amount of questions you’ll receive and helps the Service Providers to provide a better quote.


Complete your customer profile.


When you submit a Service Request the Service Providers in your area will receive an email with the details of your Service Request.


They will log in and submit a quote.


You can select a Service Provider by their price, profile, referral and/or other customer reviews.


*All Service Providers who quote have passed a background check and other verifications required by The Happy Home App platform.


The Service Provider completes the Service Request.


The Service Provider logs in, leaves a review of you the customer and marks the Service Request complete.


You leave a review and a Tip for the Service Provider if you want before completing the service.


*The Happy Home App does not take a percentage of your Tip to the Service Provider.


That’s It! You have completed your Service Request!



For Service Providers:


Sign Up and confirm your email.


Enter your Business information.


Check Available Services to see what Service Requests are available.


In order to message and quote on Service Requests you must be Verified* (Verification takes 1-3 days typically).


*This is a one-time fee to run your background check and to verify your information.


While you are waiting to be Verified you can add My Articles and Service Images (both on left menu in your dashboard) to improve your profile and chances for getting hired.


Once Verified quote on Service Requests you wish to perform.


*All Service Providers who quoted will be notified that someone has been chosen.


When chosen complete the Service Request as described so the Customer is Happy!


Log in to leave a review of the customer and complete the Service Request.


The customer will log in, leave a review of you, provide a tip if they want, and complete the Service Request.


You get paid 85% of the quoted amount.


The Happy Home App takes a 15% commission and 10% of that is given to our referral partners so they can continue to generate more work for you.



For Our Referral Partners:


Refer once, get paid over and over!


Click on Become an Referral Partner on the home page.


Fill out the simple form.


*For Real Estate Agents and other who have to follow the RESPA guidelines – We ask our customers while filling out the Service Request form if the Service Request is for a settlement service by offering a checkbox. Please be sure to remind your clients about checking it when using the app and check your referral partner reports to make sure a customer didn’t forget to check the box to stay in compliance.


Sign in to your dashboard.


Click on Promotion/Banners & Links in the left side menu.


Scroll down past the filter options and select one of the 4 emails we have pre-written for you.


We have an email for getting Customers, Service Providers and two for Real Estate Agents.


Simply email your friends or family or anyone you know who would benefit from using our platform and earn a commission when they use it.


We pay 5% commission to the referral partner who refers a Service Provider every time someone hires them through our app.


We pay 5% commission to the referral partner who refers a Customer every time they use the app!


That's how it works, in a nutshell :)